About S&G Strategy Booster  
Learn to improve all areas from Small to Mid Stakes of your SNG game with various video walk throughs for SNG Buyins of $5, $10, and $20. We accompany you throughout each video by explaining the various poker strategies associated with each buy-in level and each different opponent type to make you prepared for the right table.

Sit and Go booster is the complete course that will get YOU started doing all the right things at the poker table! Suitable for the novice or experienced player, you can learn to improve your Poker Strategies at any level.

We show you how to beat all the stages of an SNG, How to apply all the poker strategies properly, and explain all the moves you need in detail-with many concepts and ideas not found in other SNG guides.

"I had not won a SNG tournament until I used this product. After working my way through the ebook and watching the first video I went on to win my next three sit and go's."
--Ali K.
"SNG Booster is an exceptional program that is well worth the investment. Just use the techniques like I have and you'll steamroll the competition!"
"This package is an affordable intro to sit and go tournaments. It strikes just the right balance between theory and application. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get started in sit and go's." --Paul J.
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